Donaldo Lopez

High School and Grade: Carie Metro H.S., 11th

Title of Project: Snapchat Stories

Project Description

Montage that shows the problems or effects that they have on us.



Materials used ot tools used

Adobe premiere pro

Instructions for Activity

1.Prep – Select a video or a collections of videos from Media Burn that relates to classroom activities.

2.Prep – Select sections of the video/s that seem most relevant for students to discuss and create with

– Look up media horn on youtube
– Select a topic that has an impact. (I chose money)
– On the horn youtube channel search (money, power etc)
– I like music so I wanted to incorporate it
– I didn’t put the videos in a specific order just by looking at the videos one by one,
– The ideas start coming as you go on.
– Watch videos and start cutting so that they all tell one idea one story.
– Place them in an order that makes your ideas come to light, or make sense,

Links to resources

Media Burn info:

Other Notes