Gianna Lightfoot

High School and Grade: Juarez 12th

Title of Project: Rockadile

Project Description

My project is about a guy being sad thinking about a girl and he get aids.



Materials used ot tools used

Adobe premiere, mediaburn

Instructions for Activity

1.Prep – Select a video or a collections of videos from Media Burn that relates to classroom activities.
.Prep – Select sections of the video/s that seem most relevant for students to discuss and create with

– I picked the song that was stuck in my head that I loved.
– I scrolled through media burn’s archive via website and youtube
– I put them in a video converter and downloaded them onto the computer
– I put the videos in premiere
– I arranged them where it would make sense with the story and with the music.
– I edited each clip with different effects like distortion for the faces, wave for the bathroom scene, paint for different colors, stretch for stretch effects, layering other videos on top or below my footage 2 speed to speed it up and slow it down.
– I googled a crocodile face and put it in my end credits along with “you rocked it”

Links to resources

Media Burn info:

Other Notes