Jaime Lopez

High School and Grade: World Language H.S. 12th

Title of Project: Snapchat Stories

Project Description

made a contradicting video. The footage shows chaos and shows some happy scenes but not as many. Its contradicting because the song that plays in the background is “It’s a wonderful World”



Materials used ot tools used

Premier Pro C15

Instructions for Activity

1.Prep – Select a video or a collections of videos from Media Burn that relates to classroom activities. http://mediaburn.org/collections/chicago-collection/

2.Prep – Select sections of the video/s that seem most relevant for students to discuss and create with

– Select the video or clips from media burn
– Select the song
– Cut the clips to match the song in several ways. Do this with speed duration and color change
(contradicting the video with the song + matching the lyrics w/ song)
– Make a fluent composition.

Links to resources

Media Burn info:


Other Notes