Marilyn Flores Ortiz

High School and Grade: Benito Juarez High School - Senior

Title of Project: Crack

Project Description

Using media burn archives, I made a video talking about addiction. The footage I found talked about addiction in two different ways, one was with regular people talking about crack and drugs, the other video was about video gaming addiction. I edited the footage to make a story line, connecting both videos together in some way.



Materials used ot tools used

Adobe premiere

Instructions for Activity

1.Prep – Select a video or a collections of videos from Media Burn that relates to classroom activities.

2.Prep – Select sections of the video/s that seem most relevant for students to discuss and create with

1- Searched for footage on media burn youtube page – mainly looked for interviews and then looked for animations

– The animations I found was about crack and that gave me ideas – the 1st interview I found was about drugs, and the animation was also about crack so it influenced the outcome of the video

2- Connecting videos together ( context )

– Searchd for other videos on drugs – but found video on addiction on video games – but I still managed to make a connection

3- Placed all footage in adobe premiere and created a story line

– For some of the footage, I removed the audio – but keeping it made up more of the story


4) Changed audio by changing the speed of the videos – it made the voices deeper or high pitched

5) Color on videos was altered by adding the RGB curves effect on the video , changed the red blue green curves

6- Once the video was coming together, I chose the song that was most relevant to the story line

Links to resources

Media Burn info:

Other Notes