Tanya Artiaga

High School and Grade: Benito Juarez, 11th

Title of Project: Snapchat video

Project Description

What I made is a video in a format using snapchat stories. With this was trying to get a depiction that we should all stay united but turned into something of it being negative into positive things.



Materials used ot tools used

Snapchat, media burn, phone, videoshop

Instructions for Activity

1.Prep – Select a video or a collections of videos from Media Burn that relates to classroom activities. http://mediaburn.org/collections/chicago-collection/

2.Prep – Select sections of the video/s that seem most relevant for students to discuss and create with

– Search for videos that relate to what you want to create. If anything something that can connect to the topic which if it doesn’t work you can always change it.
– Once videos have been found go along and start recording
– When recording use the app snapchat. For snapchat you would have to download the app, then start recording.
– Once recorded save the video into snapchat memory which will save the video until saved in the camera roll.
– Save the videos and then click on the snap and press on the one that says camera roll. This will end up exporting your snapchat memories into your actual phone. Which will later be used to edit and together on another app.
– Download the app video shop to complete the editing cropping and putting together the videos.
– Place all videos or images in the frame you want and then do everything else.
– Finally upload or whatever platform and you will be done

Links to resources

Media Burn info:


Other Notes